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organic acne gel sam

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    Skin type

    Acne Prone Skin

    Product benefits

    Removes Acne and Post Acne Scars, prevents blackheads and whiteheads, promotes skin elasticity.

    Item form


    Material feature

    Acne Remover Gel

    Active ingredients

    Chamomile, Vitamin C and AHA Fruit Acids

    Skin tone


    Recommended use


    Item volume

    50 ML

    About this item


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     Organic Acne Gel Sam

    Discover the undeniable effectiveness of our Organic Acne Gel Sam:

    EXPERIENCE RESULTS WITH ORGANIC ACNE GEL - All acne gels are not created equal, so opt for a wise choice. Our acne-fighting formula is your prime selection for achieving visibly clearer skin, emphasizing the importance of patience. Apply it consistently twice a day, and within just 28 days, witness the remarkable transformation.

    Acne Face Gel

    UNLEASH THE POTENCY OF BIOSAM ORGANIC ACNE CLEARING – Biosam's organic Acne Gel Sam stands out from the rest. Composed of organic non-comedogenic ingredients that won't clog your pores, our distinctive formula is designed to combat acne effectively. Beyond clearing your skin, it leaves it elastic, soft, and maintains oil balance. Consistent morning and night application is vital. Enhance your results by pairing it with Biosam Organic Acne Cream.

    Acne Face Gel


    APPLY TWICE DAILY, MORNING AND NIGHT, FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS – To maximize results, incorporate it into your routine twice daily – morning and night. Consistency is the key. It's user-friendly: apply a small amount of the gel to areas affected by acne and leave it on. Before application, ensure your face is clean. The gel absorbs quickly, typically within seconds.

    Acne Face Gel

    IDEAL FOR ACNE-PRONE SKIN - Biosam's Organic Acne Gel Sam is meticulously crafted for those with acne-prone skin, effectively preventing acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. In collaboration with the Oxford Biosciences Lab, our organic gel undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring safety and efficacy. What distinguishes our gel is its unique blend of ingredients, selected to prevent dryness or skin irritation. Instead, it naturally heals your skin, leaving it fresh, elastic, and balanced in oil production for a rejuvenated and revitalized complexion.

    acne treatment

    Specifically Formulated to Target the
    Root Cause for Clear Skin


    Vitamin C

    AHA Fruit Acids

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    organic acne gel sam

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